Adithya Varma Review Rating – Total Box Office Collection

Adithya Varma Review Rating - Total Box Office Collection
Adithya Varma Review Rating – Total Box Office Collection

Movie opens with dhruv Vikram where he is a doctor and a drug addict, where in his college days he is extraordinary student in all aspects but a person who never knows how to handle his anger and that’s his character, In his final year,banita joins medical college where dhruv Vikram father calls him and inform his manager relative daughter has joined in his college ask him take care of her, where dhurv Vikram falls in love with her and they both behave they are made for each other everything goes fine dhurv goes to Missouri for higher studies in that time also they both met each other on regular basis, banita completes his studies dhurv also back to Chennai, one day dhurv goes to banita house for inviting her for his brothers marriage and banita family is a complete orthodox and caste oriented family, where banita takes him to upstairs that time banita father comes there, where a clash begins between dhurv and banita father and he informs about his behaviour to dhurv parents, dhurv father says let them come and speak on these, again dhurv goes to banita house to inform her to come with him, where a fight begins with dhurv and banita father, banita tries to control dhurv, when dhurv can’t control his anger he gives a choice to banita that within 6 hrs if she is coming we will live together or else leave him and marry the person who your father says, dhurv comes back to his home due to his anger and character he uses a injection and drugs where he loses his control and slept for 48 hrs in the meantime banita came to dhurv home to explain the situation, but he is completely unconscious, once he wokes up he comes to banita got married , goes to banita house with his friend but they hit him and complain to police station also, due to his father influence he comes out, where his father says him to leave, he comes out of his and working as a doctor turns as a drug addict to forget her but whatever he do his past love makes him to suffer a lot and remaining is all about how he came out of this and how his life goes..


  • Dhruv performance
  • Bgm
  • Cinematography
  • Supporting Roles
  • screenplay
  • Never deviated from the original version


  • Its remake so a comparison happens
  • Banita character had more scope but doesn’t work well
  • Runtime & Already known story
  • Doesn’t work for the family audience because A certified and it related contents


A Decent remake without any modification which is backed by Dhruv Vikram and its good start for his career

If the Telugu version is not watched it will be very good movie to watch.


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